How to Stick to Your Diet and Exercise Resolutions This Year

Did you know that 80% of people don't keep their New Year's resolutions by February?

Join me, Jessica Burch, and Pharmacist Josh Fisher in a discussion about easy strategies and steps you can take to actually stick to yours this year!

In this video, you'll learn the following things:
  • How tracking and changing your eating intervals (when you start and stop eating each day) can make a huge difference in your weight and overall health (0:50)
  • Two simple things you can do in February and March to help you continue to get healthier from a nutrition standpoint (3:43)
  • Ways to make sure you exercise consistently and get into the habit of it (5:36)
  • Why you need to put when you're going to work out on your calendar (6:55)
  • What you can do from home if you don't want to join a gym or don't have access to one (7:55)

As well as introductions to and demonstrations of the following bodyweight exercises:
  • How to do a push-up and "scale" it if you aren't able to do a standard push-up (10:59)
  • How to do a burpee and options for scaling it (12:18)
  • How to do a pistol and scale it (13:20)
  • How to do a squat and scale it (14:46)
  • How to do a pull-up and scale it (15:26)
  • How to do a sit-up (16:55)
  • How to do a plank (17:54)
  • How to do dips (18:48)
  • How to jump rope (19:36)
  • How to do lunges (21:05)

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Happy New Year from Stillwater Family Pharmacy!