What to Use & What to Avoid When Treating Allergies

Who knew that Afrin® and Visine® may not be the best treatments for nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes due to allergies?!? Not me!

Join me as I talk with Pharmacist Josh Fisher in a discussion about how you can help make sure you're actually using the best allergy medicines for your symptoms.

In this video, learn:

  • 0:15 – The 3 most common allergy symptoms
  • 0:42 – The over-the-counter medicines Josh recommends most and why
  • 3:21 – The only times he recommends using Benadryl®
  • 5:04 – How to treat nasal congestion
  • 7:14 – Natural products that may help with a runny nose and congested sinuses
  • 8:44 – Why Afrin isn't his first recommendation
  • 10:14 – Why you should use a saline nasal spray along with a steroid OTC nasal spray
  • 12:02 – Why he doesn't recommend Visine to treat allergies
  • 13:27 – What eye drops he recommends for itchy, watery eyes
  • 15:24 – Natural, homeopathic products that may help with eye irritation

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